The Quintessential Experience

Aspirational. Rewarding. Stretching.


Big hopes. Big dreams. Big plans.That’s us.
 Dreams of transforming the world’s software industries. Dreams of seeing folks everywhere capitalize on their potential. Dreams of bold, rewarding change. Dreams of the quintessential.


Being a fellow in our community is rewarding in so many ways. Awesome financial rewards being the least of them. What kind of rewarding experiences do you need?


We’ll stretch you. And your ideas of what’s possible. In an endless variety of ways. Every day.

Joyful People

Our diverse teams embrace and share with your people the fun of collaborating together.

The Quintessential Group. Committed to thinking different. And to putting a dent in the universe.

No Work. Only Play

Contact Ian or Bob through the form below to learn more about how we’ve turned work into serious play – and have all your questions answered. And Quintessence (the book) details the Quintessential lowdown.